Friday, October 5, 2012

Fyrinnae Purgatory, Monarch Butterfly, Te Amo, Snow Leopard & Shenanigans (PIC HEAVY)

This post is very picture heavy but I promise it is worth it! I have swatched 5 different Fyrinnae eye shadows & I have to admit they are all absolutely gorgeous.
What Fyrinnae Says:
Metallic red shines over a black base, making this shade perfect for liner as well.
My Thoughts:
I am a sucker for red/burgundy eye shadows. This is one of the original swatches I saw while researching &  I instantly fell in love. I purchased a lot more black based shadows than I usually would but since it's fall & I will most likely being darkening my hair color I'll be able to wear them. This color is dark but I think it would look gorgeous foiled on as a liner. 
 I actually like this color dry & foiled. When Fyrinnae eye shadows are dry they do have more fall out, I always do my foundation routine last so it's not an issue. When applied dry, Purgatory is a black base with burgundy sparkles. When it is foiled or applied wet, it becomes a dark burgundy with shimmer. 
 Monarch Butterfly:
What Fyrinnae Says:
Deep black with hues of glowing reddish copper shimmer.
 My Thoughts:
This color reminds me of Purgatory, it just has copper colored sparkles instead of burgundy. This would be another great color for Fall. I don't know why but this color makes me think of Halloween!
I assume that I will also use this more as eyeliner than actual eye shadow. I think that this color & Fire Opal would look awesome together!
 Te Amo:
What Fyrinnae Says:
This shade is a glowing iridescent copper highlight, almost ghostly, despite how photos make it appear. A sticky base makes more color come though, but it works well and "glows" over regular primers.
My Thoughts:
I adore this color. It reminds me of Damn Paladins with  pink/red shimmer instead of aqua.I use this dry more than foiled because it light & can be used for the entire eyelid.
 This color has become an eye shadow that I use fairly often. I tend to like lighter, warm shades. It's bright, but still office friendly.
 Snow Leopard:
What Fyrinnae Says:
A soft, deep warm taupe shade that has subtle hues of rose. Very versatile.
My Thoughts:
Another favorite of mine. This color is gorgeous, dry & foiled.  It is a basic taupe with a lot of shimmer when dry. However, when it is applied wet, it is  alight brown base with pink shimmer. Depending on the light you look at it in, it is completely different every time you see it.
I wasn't impressed with the color in the pot, probably because I have like 800 other browns/taupes. Once, I started playing around with it, I was hooked. I'm not lying, it is so pretty. 
What Fyrinnae says:
A rainbow of sparkle fills rich, metallic gold over a dark base. This shade works well over primer, but you may find it appears best without a sticky base. Shenanigans is a replacement for Medieval Haunting: They're nearly the same metallic finish and gold-on-black color, but this one has multi-color sparkle instead of just silver and gold.
My Thoughts:
I was so excited for this color & when I opened my package it was missing. I emailed Fyrinnae & got a response in 3 minutes. Their customer service is awesome. They sent it to me & also sent Bastet as a free sample. I know that they get bombarded with orders so I wasn't upset, I just really wanted this eye shadow! I can't even tell you how amazing Shenanigans truly is. It's a taupe base with multi colored shimmer. It sounds like it would be weird but it works.
You can click on the picture to make it larger & there you will see the sparkles in it. I like this one better when it's foiled because the glitter gets all over my face if I apply it dry. 
I took 2 pictures of it in the pot so you can see how much sparkle is really in it. I really can't wait to play around more with these colors!
I hope you've enjoyed this post!

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