Saturday, August 18, 2012


How have you all been?
I've been crazy busy with wedding things! A little more than 2 months to go, I am officially starting get nervous!
I thought I'd share some good news, me & Dustin adopted a new baby this week! This is Butterscotch or Butters, as we call him! Sorry for the crappy pictures they are from my cell phone (which is a flip phone!) and they are pretty terrible! But this is my new little BOY! Dustin is no longer with all girls. (I have 3 girl cats!) He's just a tiny boy at 8 weeks old & weighing 2 lbs. But this little dude has energy for days!
 His sisters are not happy cats right now but they will all adjust in a few days. The past days have been filled with a lot of hissing & growling but it's gotten better. Here he is with Tigs, she really doesn't mind him until he gets too close!
I haven't been updating because my point & shoot camera completely took a crap on me, so I caved & bought a new one from HSN. Since I have a Canon DSLR that I adore, I picked out a Canon Powershot A4000 in black. I really haven't had a chance to play with it yet but I will be able to post new pictures FINALLY! I didn't want you guys to think I forgot about you!

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  1. Butters is gorgeous, but I would say that as I'm a cat lover. He's cute, hope he brings you all hours of fun.