Monday, July 2, 2012

Clothes & Makeup (Pic Heavy)

I didn't purchase all of this stuff together, I have accumulated a few things here and there!
My first and favorite purchase is this gorgeous royal blue blazer that i picked up at H&M for $20 on clearance. It was the last one and a size 8. I love it so much!
I also picked up this dress at H&M on clearance for $7, it's a little tight but hopefully when I lose a few more pounds it will fit better.
I got this dress for $12.99 at Burlington. I wasn't sure if it would fit right but it looks really cute & I';ve got a ton of compliments on it. It's simple & easy for a day with friends.
I picked up this shirt in memory of my friend who was killed last weekend, He loved Dubstep & had this shirt, so I picked it up. We're going to all wear them & go our one night.
I dropped a jean size which is awesome. I'd like to say it's from eating healthy & doing the right thing but it's from not eating & stress. However, I have been back to eating clean & exercising like crazy this past week. Last time I weighed myself, I was at 152.4. I'm hoping I can hit 151 by next week. I bought these jeans at Forever 21, which has been offering 34" inseam for the taller ladies! I'm so happy to have pants that aren't super short! I also picked up this blue & purple plaid button down.
I almost passed this tank up but I really liked it for some reason. It was on clearance at Wet Seal for $6 & I'm glad I bought it because I can wear it out or wear it to the gym.
On to my favorite purchases, SHOES! I purchased all of the shoes at Urban Og & I have to give them credit for fast shipping & cheap, quality shoes!
I have been searching for like 3 weeks for the perfect pair of sea foam/aqua colored suede wedges. They had a few options but I have bought Qupid brand before & I know my size so these were what I picked. I believe I payed $25 or $26 for these, I am really not sure. Anyway, they are about 5 1/2" heels. I always love wedges because they are so much easier for me to walk in. I'm thinking about wearing these for engagement pictures.
I really wasn't sure about these shoes, but I needed $8 more dollars to get me to free shipping & they were $12.99. I am so glad I got them! They are very vintage looking, the print reminds me of the 70's!

I've been on the search for the perfect coral pumps & I found these bad boys! I have to admit, they are a little too high for my liking but they are so cute I can't help but wear them. They were $25 I think.

I got this adorable black strapless dress at H&M for $10, I was planning on wearing it for engagement pictures. I ended up wearing this & the blue blazer to my friend's funeral. It's a cute dress.
NYX had a sale for anyone registered as a professional on their site, you got 50% off all of the products. So I spent $60. It came packaged in this adorable lace satchel. I got a ton of new stuff that I haven't even had a chance to play with yet!
Here's a closer view of all the products, I'll be doing a post dedicated to this purchase very soon!
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