Monday, November 14, 2011

And I'm Sick :(

I've never realized how much stress can really affect your body. I've had so much going on that I have not been taking care of myself properly. I haven't been sleeping very well & I haven't been eating very well & it caught up with me today. There's a stomach virus going around and I caught it. I'll spare you the details but I have been sick all day. It really sucks because I wanted to start my workout today.

Anyway, yesterday I got my hair done. You can't really see in the pictures because i have it back but it's a little lighter.

This was before, I used NYX Kiwi & MAC's Club.

I love this color combo!
Here's today with new hair. I got about 2" cut off. I hate cutting my hair but my ends were fried & it really needed it.

I used NYX Red Bean Pie & MAC's Smut. It's much more burgundy in person!

And this was from a few days ago.. I used NYX's Kiwi on my lower lash line. I lovvvve that color!

Have a great night!



  1. Your hair looks very gorgeous! Also you have amazing eyes! :)

    (anyone that follows I will follow back<3)

  2. You look pretty, but feel better, okay? Get some rest!

  3. Hey pretty girl. So sorry you aren't feeling well. If it makes you feel better I am super sick too. Not a lot of blogging this week. That Kiwi color is super hot!!!! Feel better soon.