Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wet N Wild "Petal Pusher" Palette

Hi Dolls!
So I've reviewed Wet N Wild's "Comfort Zone" & "Blue Had Me At Hello", which were the 2 that I originally purchased. I was so impressed with them that I rushed back to Save Mart & grabbed the only one I didn't buy. I'm not sure why I didn't buy it because I love purples. I think it's because I have so many purple shadows & liners.

"Petal Pusher" (I love the name!) comes with 8 eye shadows & a crap brush/applicator. I always throw the applicators out because they are horrendous! I do love this palette because the colors are really great, especially with it being Spring.

The colors are very soft & blendable. However, I find the colors in this palette are not nearly as pigmented as the other 2 palettes. I really have to pack the colors on to get the effect that I am going for. One thing worth mentioning is that the right side eye lid color is almost an exact match of NYX's "Red Bean Pie" (which just so happens to be a favorite shadow of mine) and the right side crease color is close to MAC's "Smut" however, it is a little more red based & the right side definer color is close to MAC's "Black Tied". So, if you are looking to try a less expensive version of those, give this palette a try!
The palette was $3.99 which is a complete steal, if you are looking for a cheap, versatile purple based palette.
Here are the swatches: You can barely see the left side brow bone color, it's a shimmery white with a slight pink tint, the eye lid color is a light pink purple, the crease color is a dark, blue based purple & the definer color is a dark purple with blue shimmer.
The right side brow bone color is my favorite of the whole palette, it's a pastel pink shimmer & it's also the last swatch on top of NYX's Eyeshadow Base in White.
I'm sorry, I never took a picture of any of the looks that I did with this palette!
I've been doing small shopping lately & I had to show the FABULOUS shoes I picked up at Ross for $25. I put them back 3 times but I just had to buy them. Plus, they are Steve Madden! For $25, that is a total steal! I haven't worn them yet, but wedges are my favorite, they are the most comfortable. I know these will kill my feet because they are 5 3/4" high. And I will be a giant woman, but oh well!

Here's another look I did with "Comfort Zone". I seriously cannot get enough of that palette! (PS: I got my hair colored, I'm trying to get back to blonde. Look how long my hair is getting!!)

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