Monday, March 21, 2011


I finally found the shoes I've wanted! I've been trying to get these shoes for like 3 months & everywhere I have looked has been sold out. I found them on Ebay for $32.99 (including shipping) I am so excited to recieve them that I can barely contain myself!!

I painted my nails yesterday & my camera isn't in my purse but this is the color, it's 060 Fusion Neon. I freaking love it! It's so pink & bright.. it just screams SPRING!

The weather has been rainy & downright crap today. It makes me a little sad because I can feel my motivation for everything go right out the window. But, I hope to make it to the gym tonight because I really need it. I have been on my diet for 16 days and I have been doing so well. I baked over 100 cookies for the bake sale and managed to eat only 1, which is quite an accomplishment for me. Plus, I made homemade vegetable soup last night that I've been eating all day.. it's sooo good!
I'll update soon!


  1. Nice style of shoe, I'd like those myself in black patent.

    Hey well done for sticking to your diet. You can't go wrong with home made soups, I make my own vegetable soup but my speciality is homemade spicy lentil :-)

  2. Hey, thanks for following me, I really appreciate it. I'm following you now as well. I love those shoes and the nail polish, is gorgeous. I adore neon, bright pinks. They're probably my favorite nail polish colors. And oh my gosh, one cookie, I would've ate them all. :)