Sunday, March 20, 2011

Better Late Than Never..

I know, St. Patrick's day was a little bit ago but I never had the chace to upload these. So here was my green look!:
Green is my favorite color!
I can't wait to get my hair colored!!

My job did a bake sale to support our team in the local MS Walk. We raised $435 for it, and all of the proceeds go towards helping the find a cure for MS. It was such a good time & this is another reason why I love my job!!
Happy Spring!


  1. Beautiful, as always. I love the green, and I'm definately big on St. Patrick's day. Love the hair especially. =]

  2. I think I've said it before but you really suit green. Love the eyemakeup and well done for taking part in the bake sale.

  3. wow luv the makeup... I agree with Charlotte green really suits you...GORGEOUS! :)

  4. You've not posted in a while. We miss you!