Monday, December 27, 2010

Weightloss & the Holidays!

Hi Everyone!
So, as fun & lovely as the Holidays were I am excited for 2011!
You've probably seen in previous posts that I am trying to lose weight before our wedding in October 2012. Well., I have managed to drop 11 pounds since September. But it takes lots od dedication & willpower. I allowed myself to have Christmas weekend as "free" days. I was stressing because I was afraid that I would get derailed & not be able to get on track. I'm actually excited to be eating healthy today. I had the worst time trying to sleep, it felt like I had a brick sitting in my stomach, I had terrible heart burn & when I woke up my stomach hurt so bad. Plus I was afraid to weigh myself, but I'm only up 1.3 lbs. Considering I pretty much ate an entire apple pie by myself, I'll take it!
I'm trying to be down 5 more pounds by the end of February & I have to increase my exercise because I'm barely working out now. And hopefully I'll drop another 15-20 lbs by June. I have my eye on this gorgeous (and expensive) bikini from Victoria's Secret & Dustin has agreed if I hit my goal weight he'll buy it for me as a "reward". So, after New Years, I'm back on the grind!
What are your 2011 goals!?
Have a lovely Monday! :-)

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  1. Eat healthy, avoid Junk foods, i am sure you can reduce your weight before the wedding.