Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Gifts to Myself!

Happy Wednesday!
So, I took full advantage of my Christmas money and bought myself some new clothes! I purchased everything from Forever 21. I do have Forever 21 in the local mall but i HATE going in the becaise it always looks like a tornado just rolled through. I usually shop online or print the SKU & picture and take it to the store and have an associate help me find everything.
I'll show you some of the goodies I purchased:
I tried this dress on in the store and I wasn't sure about it so I put it back. I kept thinking about how much I liked it and since I had a coupon I ended up buying it. It was originally $29.80 & I paid $25.82. Overall, I really like it. I cannot wear it as a dress, I have long legs & it is entirely too short. It barely covers my butt!
Contrasting Petals Dress
(Photo courtesy of Forever 21)

I love little dresses like this with leggings in the winter. The ruffles make it so feminine! It's a steal for $14.50!
Fab Ruffle Layers Contrast Dress
(Photo courtsey of Forever 21)

Another steal for $13.50! I loves this with a black belt on the waist & leggings!
Splatter Bodycon Tunic
(Photo courtsey of Forever 21)

I got this cardigan in white, black & chocolate. You can never have enough cardigans. I love the puff sleeve, so cute! They were only $7.50 each!
Ladylike Puff Sleeve Cardigan
(Photo courtsey of Forever 21)

I got a lot of hair accessories and jewelry as well. I'm really into big cocktail rings this year so I've been stocking up on them.
I also forgot to mention that Dustin bought me Donkey Kong for Wii for Christmas! Best gift ever!!!! I used to (and still do) play Donkey Kong on Super Nintendo and I got the chance to play it on Wii in Game Stop before Christmas!
Have a great day!


  1. Those dresses are purrrdy! I like the one with black layers the most. <3 They look great, hun!

  2. I love love looovee the first dress.
    I wish I could order f21 clothes but that would end up in paying 25$ for shipping ..
    I really like your blog,if you have the time you can check out my blog:

    and maybe we can follow eachother :)