Monday, August 23, 2010


So I have 3 FOTD's to show you and some nails! FOTD #1 is my usual everyday look. Sometimes I will add false eyelashes, or for a pop of color I'll line my waterline with a bright eyeliner. 2 & 3 are fun looks! I would wear them out but not to work. Too much for the day! I finally got my nails done! I know how terrible it is for your nails, but my natural growing nails are so bad!! Enjoy!
FOTD #1:
FOTD #2:

FOTD #3:


  1. love your daily look! you've a new follower! if you have time, visit my blog!xx

  2. Love the pink eyeshadow the best!
    anyway I came across your blog~ just wanted to introduce myself..My names Andrea..Just started blogging! Would <3 if u could follow me back..Dont have much on my page yet just starting out~ so open 2 any feedback/suggestions