Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Makeup - Living Dead Girl Zombie Look

Halloween is my favorite time of year. You can go all out on crazy makeup!
Here's a look I recently did, I was inspired by Petrilude on YouTube. He's always been my favorite YouTuber because he is so creative & amazing! (I posted his picture below for reference).
I used liquid latex & tissues to build the wound area. I did one layer on the outer perimeter, then built it up closer to my eye area so that I could get the effect of the skin being pulled off or ripped open. The smaller wounds are just liquid latex.
After all of the tissue/latex dried, I used a heavy concealer & foundation all over. I took a sponge that I got with Halloween makeup to stipple, some green, yellow & black on my skin. I then put the foundation on top & blended it out a bit. I wanted it to look like something was going on under my skin. I used a powder much lighter than my skin tone to blend everything together.  You want to make sure that the latex & tissue area blends really well with your skin. Next I peeled the latex area back, you can form it to however your little heart desires!
I started contouring the parts of my face where I wanted it to look sunken in. Mainly around my eyes, nose, cheekbones & lips. I used Wet n Wild Color Icon I Heart Matte Eyeshadow Palette to contour, I mixed the dark brown burgundy color with purple & green and added depth with black. I also applied the white to my face to help make me look extra pale!
 I painted (with Mehron Bruise Wheel) the inside (where the latex is lifted) to black so that it would have depth & look like a deep wound. Then, around the inside a with dark burgundy color. I applied Mehron Coagulated Blood Gel & fake blood. I also took tweezers & pulled the smaller areas of latex apart and applied fake blood.
You can watch Petrilude's video here, it's easier to see it than have someone explain it!
(Picture Courtesy of Google Images)
I hope you enjoyed this look!


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